Prosolv Cardiovascular Adds ECG Image Management System


December 4, 2008

ProSolv CardioVascular, a Fujifilm company, has a comprehensive and totally integrated cardiovascular component – Synapse Cardiovascular 4.0, formerly known as ProSolv, which includes OpenECG, an ECG management system.

Cardiology and radiology users have access to a completely Web based solution for cardiovascular imaging with full viewing and reporting capabilities using Web communication protocols, secured via SSL, in addition to a Web URL single-click application download and installation for easier deployment, the company said. The software includes OpenECG, a cost-effective, single-access ECG management system that allows facilities to manage and coordinate every ECG from any department, including the ED. Anywhere there is Internet access, physicians can review, edit, confirm and print multi-modality/multi-vendor ECGs. The company said the software can significantly speed exam-retrieval access – in some instances up to 50 percent faster. Further objective statistical analysis has shown OpenECG can result in cost savings up to $6 per resting exam alone over paper management.