R Series Defribillator from ZOLL Aims for Simplicity


September 4, 2008

The R Series defibrillator for hospitals aims for simplicity and operational readiness to help improve in-hospital resuscitation efforts. The R Series reportedly offers several firsts in the area of simplifying operation, including a OneStep System that provides a single cable for pacing, monitoring and defibrillation. It also includes one electrode set through which clinicians can monitor, pace, defibrillate and get real-time feedback on chest compressions.

ZOLL also manufactures the LifeVest, reportedly the only wearable defibrillator for patients at high risk of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The noninvasive device has a 99 percent first shock success rate for treating patients for SCA without requiring bystander intervention, according to ZOLL. There are two main components to the LifeVest: a garment and a monitor. The garment is worn under clothing and records all detected arrhythmias, including before and after treatment. The monitor weighs about 1.8 pounds and is worn around the waist or from a shoulder strap, making it the lightest external defibrillator available.