Re-Entry Catheters Facilitate Wire Placement in Endovascular Procedures to Treat CTOs


August 30, 2006

The Frontrunner XP CTO and Outback LTD Re-Entry Catheters facilitate guide wire placement in endovascular procedures to treat peripheral chronic total occlusions (CTOs). The devices were developed and initially marketed by Lumend Inc. (Redwood City, CA), which was acquired by Cordis in September.

The Frontrunner XP CTO Catheter features a .039-inch distal tip and crossing profile, and a 2.3-mm jaw opening allowing for microblunt dissection across a CTO. The peripheral catheter is available in lengths of 90cm and 140cm. The Frontrunner can be used with the company's Frontrunner XP Micro Guide Catheter (MGC). The MGC is an intravessel support and exchange catheter with a 4.5F profile and 7F guide compatibility and is available in 82-cm and 127-cm lengths.

The Outback LTD Re-Entry Catheter's 5.9F profile with .014-inch guide wire compatibility allows for re-entry from a subintimal channel. The catheter features a straight tip configuration, a polymer nose cone and side port cannula needle exit with the cannula keyed to the catheter shaft.

Other features distinct from past-generation Outbacks include a more sharply beveled tip, improved one-to-one torque, an ergonomic deployment handle with a locking mechanism and an orientation marker system.