Revolutionary System Paves Way for Molecular Imaging


June 29, 2006

A revolutionary advancement in PET/CT, the GEMINI TF is the first PET/CT system that features time-of-flight PET imaging. The GEMINI TF offers new levels of image quality, consistency and performance — regardless of patient size. By improving image quality with low count-rate imaging, the new PET/CT system opens a pathway to the next emerging set of applications for PET — molecular imaging.

GEMINI TF reduces noise in PET images resulting in better image quality, shorter scans and lower doses. This image quality improvement is higher in large patients, leading to consistent results across patients of different sizes. Overall system performance enhancements lead to better lesion detectability and possible earlier detection of disease and subsequently an earlier treatment.

The GEMINI TF offers 16 and 64 channel options on the Brilliance CT platform.