Rex Medical Introduces Cleaner15 Rotational Thrombectomy System


January 16, 2013

The Cleaner15 Rotational Thrombectomy System from Rex Medical L.P. is indicated for mechanical declotting of occluded native vessel dialysis fistulae and synthetic dialysis access grafts.

Cleaner15 technology provides an innovative and ergonomically designed 7 French catheter-based system designed to strengthen currently available treatment options. A disposable, battery operated hand-held drive unit is attached to a wire that rotates at 4,500 RPM. The distal, sinuous shaped tip of the wire facilitates atraumatic mechanical declotting of occluded hemodialysis access sites. The radiopaque outer catheter distal tip and sinuous wire segment allows the end user to effectively navigate through tortuous or thrombosed vascular access sites under fluoroscopic visualization.

Cleaner15 design incorporates a 0.044 inch wire and 15 mm amplitude sinusoid tip to macerate thrombus in larger diameter graft and fistulae anatomies. This design coupled with increased system torque, power and strength in addition to the original Cleaner technology will provide the physician base with a broad armamentarium for effective thrombus management.

The device received FDA clearance in 2012.

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