Image Enhances Browser-Based ECG With Interactive Platform


September 13, 2011

Understanding the importance and immediacy of having access to raw electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms for clinical decision support, ScImage bolstered its browser-based ECG delivery utility in PicomWeb.

In keeping with their open-architecture philosophy for widespread, multi-platform accessibility, ScImage designed a streamlined new user interface based on advanced machine-independent HTML5 codebase. This new ECG platform presents especially well in Web tablets and smartphone profiles. Interactive navigation and manipulation are performed through gestures or clicks, depending on the platform.

This new design scheme will empower physicians to make urgent critical care decisions from remote locations with confidence.

ScImage’s PicomWeb platform extends the content of ScImage’s PicomEnterprise PACS to the Web for complete access to multi-specialty imaging and reporting for radiology, cardiology and other clinical specialties.

PicomECG is available as a stand-alone ECG management system, as part of an enterprise-wide PACS, or as a cloud-based service.

The company’s “Picom” trademark denotes patient information and communication in medicine, which expands on the image-centric concept of digital imaging and communication in medicine (DICOM).

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