syngo.via for Molecular Imaging

Software allows comparative viewing of nuclear studies from various vendors on one system


June 9, 2014

Siemens Healthcare's syngo.via for molecular imaging is a reading solution that transforms large amounts of data into comprehensive results, allowing for organ-based reading [1], reference-based quantification [2] and evidence-based reporting [3] of disease. With syngo.via for molecular imaging, physicians are better able to focus on reading and can more easily produce high-quality diagnostic reports.

The syngo.via for molecular imaging provides unique and automated tools to visualize, measure, and report disease. Now, physicians can immediately review all available information and perform organ-specific readings. For multiple time-point cases, prior studies are all registered with each other, even when acquired on multiple sources. The new Siemens-exclusive EQ•PET algorithm harmonizes quantification of PET data based on National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) references. It allows standard uptake value (SUV) comparison in longitudinal patient exams for determination of cancer manifestation and change, independent of scanner make, model,or reconstruction algorithms. Neurology quantitative tools provide comparable results, which could potentially improve reader agreement for Alzheimer’s disease evaluation. Cardiology quantitative tools improve therapy risk management of coronary artery disease with diagnostic blood flow quantification. Finally, with syngo.via structured reports, molecular imaging physicians will be key contributors to confident therapy decisions of the multi-disciplinary patient management team.

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