Siemens Enhances Angiography Imaging Chain


September 21, 2009

Siemens' Artis zee family of systems delivers sharply detailed images required for interventional procedures, enhances clarity in 2-D imaging and enables an array of 3-D imaging applications to help enhance clinical decision-making.

The Artis zee family is available in a variety of configurations from ceiling-mounted to biplane to the first-to-market Artis zeego with robotic-assisted positioning capability for interventions in both radiology and the developing OR environment. Artis zeego’s unique flexibility of movement supports large-volume syngo DynaCT, increased operator comfort during long and complex procedures and unique parking positions to maximize the use of room space.

DynaCT also has a 47 cm coverage, and with additional CT-like information, it virtually avoids patient transfers to a CT/MRI. It also helps visualize objects of 10 HU difference and 10 mm in size.