Simulation Module Allows for Practicing Transseptal Puncturing


March 2, 2011

A transseptal puncture module for education and simulation technology is available for the Simbionix Angio Mentor simulator.

Due to the growing interest in catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation (AF), the transseptal puncture has become a required routine skill for the electrophysiologist. The transseptal puncture permits a direct route to the left atrium (LA) via the intra-atrial septum (by puncturing the fossa ovalis) and systemic venous system.

The company offers a complete training curriculum for electrophysiologists on the simulator, allowing the physicians a safe environment in which to train until proficient in the essential skills. These include advancing the electrophysiology catheter into the coronary sinus and the Josephson catheter in the HIS area, and performing two transseptal punctures when needed. Practical aspects of this important technique include identifying the optimal transseptal puncture site and using the correct and safe puncturing technique. During the simulation, life-threatening complications such as aortic punctures need to be attended to.

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