Simulation Trains for Laser Lead Extractions


May 13, 2010

A simulation system is designed to augment traditional procedural training on laser-assisted lead extraction procedures, permitting hands-on practice with extraction tools in a virtual environment. Spectranetics Corp. partnered with Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) to develop the customized Laser Lead Extraction Simulation in conjunction with MSC’s SimSuite simulation platform. The system features simulated patient scenarios that allow physicians to manipulate lead extraction tools with tactile feedback and visual diagnostics such as virtual X-ray imagery that closely mimics real-world patient scenarios. Physicians are able to experience the force interactions coinciding with successful techniques and encounter potential complications to learn avoidance and management skills.

The simulation system specifically incorporates use of the Spectranetics SLS II Laser Sheath, LLD EZ Lead Locking Device and VisiSheath Dilator Sheath in the lead extraction process.

Due in part to the large and growing number of leads to manage in patients implanted with pacemakers and defibrillators, in May 2009 HRS updated its expert consensus recommendations for lead extraction. HRS experts called for lead extraction simulation with realistic scenarios as an important future component of initial hands-on exposure and maintenance of skills.

Spectranetics’ excimer laser sheath vaporizes the binding scar tissue to free the leads.

The system was launched in the United States in May 2010.

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