Single Solution Offers One Platform to Monitor Various Pacers, ICDs


February 8, 2010
The OneView system can help manage data from ICDs and pacemaker devices from multiple manufacturers. St. Jude is a registered trademark of St. Jude Medical

Partnering with leading implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD) and pacemaker manufacturers, ScottCare Corp. has consolidated device information into one common platform with enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities. The newst addition to the CardioView Dx suite of diagnostic solutions is OneView, designed to manage all pacer and ICD patients and information.

OneView simplifies clinicians’ workflow and is not device-centric, allowing clinicians to focus on managing patient information, not navigating multiple device manufacturers’ Web sites.

The OneView solution captures all relevant ICD data, including device specifications, measurements for every session, settings, episode details, reports, and physician sign-off.

The patient-centric interface allows the clinician to search by patient without knowing the device information first. The system enables the user to query almost any criteria imaginable, making it ideal for researchers. Also, users can easily identify patients with specific leads. OneView also provides insight into historical patient trends and other critical clinical data over time, helping clinicians prioritize patients with more severe issues. Data can be gathered from almost anywhere, as it supports remote interrogation, in-person interrogation and in-person programming.

The CardioView Dx suite offers a single platform solution for ambulatory monitoring and diagnostics. ScottCare also offers solutions for Holter monitoring, TeleSentry Multi-Parameter Ambulatory Telemetry, arrhythmia event monitoring and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.

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