Smartphone App Helps Physicians Assess the Need for RNI


September 28, 2010

Physicians can determine whether a patient needs cardiac radionuclide imaging (RNI) from a free smartphone app available on iPhone, BlackBerry and Android platforms. The app gives physicians access to published criteria used to assess the need for RNI.

The "Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) for Cardiac Radionuclide Imaging" app, by Astellas, describes 67 individual patient indications, eight indication categories and five algorithms. All indications were adapted from the AUC published in 2009 in Circulation.

The app guides physicians step by step through the criteria to evaluate patient history, clinical factors, and other important information to receive an instant appropriate use score for RNI. By entering information, physicians will receive a rating on a scale of 1-9 suggesting if the patient indication is appropriate (7-9), uncertain (4-6), or inappropriate (1-3) for RNI. Ratings can be viewed either by indication/category or patient algorithm.

In 2010, the “Taking the Pulse” study found that 72 percent of physicians use smartphones personally and professionally.

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