SoloPath Access Catheter Expands for Larger Devices


November 10, 2009

Onset Medical's SoloPath TransFemoral Endovascular Access Catheter is designed to provide access to diseased arteries at a relatively small catheter size and then is expanded to provide a conduit for the delivery of larger diameter devices.

The SoloPath may help broaden the number of patients who can be effectively treated percutaneously with femoral/iliac artery stent grafts, aortic stent grants and new technology such as the percutaneous aortic heart valves.

The SoloPath Endovascular Access Catheter uses Onset’s Controlled Deployment Technology (CDT) in a new and different approach to procedures requiring minimally invasive access to remote sites within the body. The SoloPath enters the body at approximately one-half the diameter of conventional access sheaths, is very flexible and provides superior navigation through the vascular anatomy. Once in position, the device is deployed utilizing radial expansion to expand the sheath and remodel the tissue/vasculature in order to provide unrestricted access for the delivery of therapeutic devices. Early studies indicate that this Controlled Deployment Technology can allow the physician to perform an easy, one-step access procedure, which can potentially reduce vascular/tissue trauma and virtually eliminate the need for other preoperative steps (e.g., vascular stenting), which are often required for access with conventional devices.

The device received FDA clearance in November 2009.

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