Heart Valve

Solo Smart is the first aortic valve with a removable stent, providing native-like performance with the ease of implant of a stented valve


August 1, 2014
Sorin Group Solo Smart Heart Valve Repair

The Solo Smart Aortic Pericardial Heart Valve from Sorin Group is the first valve with a removable stent to be approved in the U.S. market. Designed from bovine pericardium, the valve is fully biological with no synthetic material added. This unique bioprosthesis mimics the healthy native aortic valve in order to preserve the aortic root physiology. By perfectly aligning to the patient’s annulus with a 100 percent orifice-to-annulus ratio, Solo Smart maximizes blood flow and delivers excellent hemodynamic performance.

The removable Ni-Ti alloy stent sets Solo Smart apart from all other valves, as this unique feature provides support during implantation and is then completely removed. The removable stent along with the single-suture line implant technique reduces the time spent seating and suturing the valve. The prosthesis is treated for the elimination of aldehyde residuals so it is not necessary to rinse the valve before implantation. Once the stent is removed following implantation, Solo Smart becomes an entirely stentless valve, providing low pressure gradients and large orifice areas.

Solo Smart is the evolution of the Freedom Solo valve, which has been implanted in international markets since 2004. This valve has been evaluated in numerous clinical studies representing over 4,000 patients with follow-up to eight years.

The valve received FDA approval in July 2014.

For more information: www.sorin.com