Spectranetics Laser Sheath (SLS II) Dissolves Tissue Holding Leads in Place


August 28, 2008

The Spectranetics Laser Sheath (SLS II) system uses for removal of cardiac leads. The SLS II uses “cool” ultraviolet light to safely, effectively and efficiently ablate scar tissue that holds problematic leads in place.

A circle of fibers that emit pulses of energy travels over the cardiac lead to dissolve scar tissue that binds the lead to the body. Once the scar tissue is dissolved, the lead can be safely removed. The device can be used with Spectranetics' Lead Locking Device (LLD) technology, which can be used to assist removal with the SLS II by transmitting traction on the lead from within its hollow inner structure.

This technology has been used in the U.S. and Europe for more than a decade in over 45,000 successful procedures and is an important tool to manage lead-related issues that may arise in the roughly 4 million pacing and defibrillation leads implanted annually in patients worldwide.