St. Jude Medical has FDA Approval of Industry’s First Quadripolar Pacing System


February 9, 2012

St. Jude Medical's Unify Quadra cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) and Quartet left ventricular quadripolar pacing lead make up the first quadripolar pacing introduced in the United States.

The Unify Quadra CRT-D and Quartet lead offer physicians the ability to effectively and efficiently manage the ever-changing needs of patients with heart failure. The system integrates multiple pacing configurations and tailored therapy features that enable physicians to optimize the system at implant and follow-up, as well as better manage common pacing complications without having to surgically reposition the lead. The system is also approved for remote patient management utilizing the Patient Care Network.

The Quartet lead – used as part of the Unify Quadra system – features four electrodes spaced over 4.7 centimeters, enabling up to 10 pacing configurations. Multiple pacing configurations allow the physician to implant the lead in the most stable position without making trade-offs in electrical performance. This includes pacing closer to the base of the left ventricle, which recent studies associate with better patient outcomes, and which may be more difficult with traditional bipolar leads. The quadripolar pacing electrodes also provide physicians more options to optimize CRT performance, such as pacing around scar tissue in the heart and avoiding the most common pacing complications.  The many benefits conferred from the Quartet lead’s unconventional pacing have been demonstrated by implanters around the world and reported in a number of published studies.

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