CVIS Accelerates Reporting, Adds FFR


November 2, 2009

The latest Horizon Cardiology cardiovascular information system (CVIS), version 12.1, automates workflows, provides remote access to echocardiogram and ECG reports and includes fractional flow reserve (FFR) reporting.

The system can also manage diagnostic digital images as well as archiving, reporting and workflow. The modular, single-platform offering eliminates equipment redundancies and encourages the adoption of structured reporting techniques.

FFR is now integrated into the hemodynamic module. Previously cath labs had to purchase a separate monitor to perform FFR and had to manually document the results. Integrated reporting automatically captures results in a physician’s report. The system eliminates dedicated FFR equipment.

Another enhancement is full congenital hemodynamic support including pressures, samples, age-based calculations and documentation. The system captures pressure, waveforms and blood gas samples from various sites.

Horizon Cardiology uses DICOM structured reporting (SR) templates to import the measurements from both echocardiography and vascular ultrasound carts. Supported by all major ultrasound cart vendors, DICOM SR ensures exact measurements are captured for accurate reporting and improved diagnosis.

Also supported in this release are DICOM structured reporting standards for echo and vascular procedures. Integration with advanced visualization tools in this version include TomTec for 3D/4D echocardiograph and both TeraRecon’s AcquariusNET and Vital’s Vitrea thin client systems for cardiac CT angiography.

The CVIS is designed using open architecture so it will more easily interface with hospital information systems (HIS) to provide automated order and report sharing between the two systems.

The software also eliminates error-prone and time-consuming steps in the charge process with Horizon Cardiology Charge Manager. Rather than requiring multiple staff members to re-enter data into multiple systems for every procedure, the charge capture solution makes it possible to enter procedural data once, in a single system. As part of the charge manager workflow, the system instantaneously generates a charge audit worklist, simultaneously displays charges and reports on the same screen, and supports technical and professional interfaces.

Version 12.1 was released in November 2009.