Stereotaxis Highlighted Bi-Directional Transmission Network


May 21, 2008

Stereotaxis highlighted at Heart Rhythm 08 its Odyssey Network, a system designed to fully integrate all of the systems in a typical EP lab around its information management platform, and to connect lab-to-lab within and between hospitals.

New remote viewing and archiving capabilities for Odyssey was also featured at the show, with the introduction of Odyssey Cinema. This was created to enable physicians to receive a real-time high definition view of a procedure from any point in the network, thereby providing them with a new tool for sharing information independently and providing remote consultation or training.

Odyssey Cinema includes an archiving capability that will allow clinicians to store and subsequently replay entire procedures or segments of procedures. Odyssey Cinema will be available for sale toward the end of 2008 in conjunction with the currently available Odyssey Workstation, and the two products will have a combined list price of approximately $450,000.