SunTech Medical Release New Tango M2 Automated BP Monitor

Tango M2 overcomes noise and motion artifact for accurate results


April 4, 2013
SunTech Medical Tango M2

SunTech Medical has updated its line of automated blood pressure (BP) monitoring with the Tango M2 cardiac stress BP monitor. The new product provides accurate BP measurements during exercise and cardiac stress testing where noise and motion often make manual measurements difficult.

The Tango M2 uses the SunTech Medical DKA algorithm to filter out noise and motion artifact to accurately identify Korotkoff sounds and produce a reliable BP measurement. Automated communication with the stress system assures adherence to BP measurement protocol without staff assistance, reducing the risk of transcription errors and allowing clinicians to focus on patient safety.

Tango M2 builds on the SunTech Medical Tango+ monitor, with new features such as dual modes to allow BP measurements with or without an electrocardiography (ECG) signal for pre-test and recovery. The Tango M2 has improved usability with a 7-inch color LCD display, expanded BP history view and a USB port for data retrieval and field upgrades. 

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