Surgical Information Systems Surgical Scheduling Aids Patient Workflow


March 26, 2008

The SIS Surgical Scheduling Solution consisting of SIS Patient Scheduling, SIS Staff Scheduling and SISWeb, is designed to help hospitals streamline operational processes and systems to optimize efficiency and improve the patient experience.

SIS Surgical Scheduling serves as a foundation for improving the front-end processes, clinical documentation, anesthesia, analytics and revenue optimization. It offers automated intelligence to improve the scheduling of surgical patients, procedures, supplies, personnel, and pre-admission testing. It helps hospitals to better manage variables such as surgeon block time availability, procedure time, special supplies needed, procedure codes, surgeon privileges and cases pending. With its graphical view and drag-and-drop capabilities, users can enter and read the needed information quickly and easily, the company said.

SIS Staff Scheduling allows users to build a surgery department�s schedule quickly, while making the most cost-effective and skill-appropriate staffing and scheduling decisions. This Web-based tool provides easy access to surgery schedules from the home or office.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) recently endorsed the product.

March 2008