System Dedicated to Advanced Cardiac Examinations


June 29, 2006

An optimized cardiac configuration for the Excelart Vantage, the Vantage ZGV system is equipped with magnets that feature a gradient strength of 30 mT/m and slew rate of 130 mT/m/ms.

The system offers eight-channel radio frequency (RF) electronic components, the cardiac/torso SPEEDER coil and software packages designed for high-quality cardiac MRI studies, including respiratory, peripheral pulse and cardiac gating.

The cardiac configuration also enables freeze-frame imaging — Differential Rate K-space Sampling (DRKS) — a SPEEDER-compatible, high-resolution, time-resolved MR angiography (MRA) technique with temporal resolution as low as 0.6 seconds when combined with the cardiac SPEEDER coil. A PC-based workstation operates the MEDIS MRI-MASS, a cardiac quantification analysis application. An in-room gating monitor mounted to the gantry allows evaluation of the cardiac cycle while positioning the patient. Patented Pianissimo technology reduces acoustic noise by as much as 90 percent.