System Offers Flexibility, Patient Access


June 30, 2006

Designed using the Voice of the Customer feedback program, which utilizes clinician feedback to guide future product development, the five-axis Infinix CF-i/SP (single plane) diagnostic and interventional imaging system delivers unprecedented head-to-toe and fingertip-to-fingertip patient access. The floor-mounted Infinix CF-i/SP’s five-axis design permits easy shifting of the C-arm around the exam table for optimal angling. In addition, the system is equipped with Toshiba’s 8-inch cardiac flat panel detector (FPD) mounted on a fifth axis which rotates exactly as the C-arm rotates to the side. This fifth axis results in images always maintained in a heads-up orientation while the C-arm rotates. Other system features include the industry’s highest anode heat-capacity liquid metal bearing tube of 3.0 MHU, which virtually eliminates overheating and increases overall throughput and efficiency. The liquid metal tube allows for immediate image capture. The Infinix CF-i/SP is the latest addition to the family of Infinix-i series catheterization systems for cardiac applications.