Technology Enables Physicians to See Through Blood


August 30, 2006

SiteSeekir Trans-Blood Vision, a patented, forward-looking technology, is now being used by physicians at the Cleveland Clinic, one of the first hospitals in the nation to use the technology developed by CardioOptics to assist in complex cardiac procedures.

A new “eyes inside the heart” catheter device that enables physicians to see through the blood in the heart, the SiteSeekir technology is currently embedded in the company’s first FDA-cleared product, the the Coronary Sinus Access (CSA) System.

The ability to see through blood is potentially applicable in a wide range of therapeutic procedures, including biventricular pacemaker implantation.

The CSA System can visualize targeted heart and blood vessel anatomy during cardiac pacemaker procedures to treat heart failure. The system includes the Izon Catheter, which is a steerable infrared endoscope, and the Image Acquisition Console.

The SiteSeekir technology enables visualization within the coronary sinus and its branches, and offers opportunities in electrophysiology and minimally invasive cardiothoracic surgery.

August 2006