Pay As You Go Billing Option for Cloud and Laptop Users of iNtuition


November 30, 2012
TeraRecon iNtuition Advanced Visualization Billing Option

iNtuition supports physicians involved in TAVI/TAVR, EVAR and TEVAR. iNtuition is available both as a laptop-based software solution (no requirement for internet connection), and as an internet-based service, iNtuition Cloud supporting secure upload of image data and real-time interactive use of the full suite of advanced visualization tools, through a web browser.

Traditionally, sophisticated advanced visualization of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MR) images has required a costly dedicated computer workstation, but with iNtuition a powerful suite of visualization tools may be run on a laptop computer, or via the Internet using TeraRecon’s secure and HIPAA-compliant iNtuition Cloud service.

TeraRecon offers a flexible new pay-as-you-go billing option for cloud and laptop users of the iNtuition advanced visualization tools that allows iNtuition subscribers to be billed only for the studies processed and/or stored with the TeraRecon software, either locally on a laptop-based installation, or on iNtuition Cloud.

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