Terumo Expands Radial-Specific Family of Heartrail III Coronary Guiding Catheters

A lower profile guiding catheter ideally suited for treating interventions in smaller stature patients


March 19, 2013

Terumo Interventional Systems expanded its family of Heartrail III Coronary Guiding Catheters to include a smaller profile 5 French Ikari shape, specifically designed to provide backup support and access to target coronary lesions during transradial catheterizations.  The smaller 5 French Heartrail is designed to help physicians achieve access to the coronary arteries using a smaller-diameter catheter platform, and proprietary Ikari tip shapes, while providing the backup support and body of a traditionally larger French size catheter.

The smaller size enhances the Heartrail III guiding catheter portfolio by providing various options in response to guide catheter support needs during transradial catheterizations. Benefits include: ·   Proprietary outer surface treatment, to reduce friction between the catheter and inner lumen of the artery.·   Flexible shaft design, for optimal trackability, even in tortuous vessels.·   Efficient torque control, providing smooth handling and accurate engagement of the artery.·   High radiopacity, for enhanced visibility that allows accurate tip positioning in the coronary ostium.·   Bigger lumen size, to reduce device friction for ease of device manipulation. Terumo released the new sizes in March 2013. For more information: www.terumois.com