The Cath Cube Aids in Intervention Wire Storage


September 13, 2012

Austin Medical Design's Cath Cube is a single-use product for management of guidewires and catheters (balloons and stents) used in interventional cardiology and radiology labs.

The guidewires are looped and inserted into channeled saline-filled compartments. The inner chamber walls prevent guidewire and catheter loops from uncoiling. The device measures 6 inches cubed and can be placed on either the back table or the sterile field

The benefit of the system is that its a simple and reliable alternative for managing guidewires and catheters (balloons and stents). It also saves staff critical time and effort locating crucial guidewires and catheters

Statistics reveal that nearly 20 percent of guidewires, catheters, balloons and stents are either damaged or contaminated during procedures. The Cath Cube can save departments thousands of dollars to help contain costs. 

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