CV-3D Workstation, Software Enhances the Infinix Cardiovascular X-ray


September 23, 2009
Next Generation CV-3D

Toshiba America Medical Systems offers its Next Generation CV-3D workstation and software package available on the Infinix-i X-ray product line. The Next Generation CV-3D is an integrated reconstruction workstation and software, designed to take a 2D X-ray image and reconstruct a new, more detailed 3D image in a matter of seconds.

The new image provides a 3D reconstructed view of the same vessel under study, allowing physicians to determine the best treatment plan. CV-3D visualization assists physicians in selecting the most appropriate stent, potentially reducing the need for additional invasive devices. Some of the latest enhancements optimize stent selection and positioning by automatically including markers in the view and providing a clear view of the stent in relationship to the vessel wall, which validates proper stent deployment. Clinicians also can increase workflow by utilizing the Infinix-i tableside controls to display the preferred CV-3D image in the examination room.

Toshiba released the product in September 2009.