RaySafe i2 is now Available on Toshiba Infinix-i Systems

RaySafe i2 is now available on Toshiba Infinix-i systems


July 22, 2013

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. has partnered with Unfors RaySafe Inc. to offer a new radiation dose monitoring and management tool for Infinix-i cardiovascular X-ray systems. The Unfors RaySafe i2 displays real-time dose exposure information, helping to make exams safer for all clinical staff.

With RaySafe i2, each staff member is assigned a digital, real-time dosimeter, which is wirelessly connected to an in-room-mounted screen displaying radiation exposure. The RaySafe i2 system not only helps staff view radiation exposure level during procedures, it also archives dose exposure history for future analysis.

The tool was released in July 2013.

For more information: www.medical.toshiba.com, www.raysafe.com