Toshiba’s Fluoroscopy Lowers Dose and Provides More Complete Picture

Flexible Collimation technology improves cardiovascular X-ray imaging


December 6, 2012
Spot Fluoroscopy RSNA 2012 Toshiba Angiongraphy System

Spot Fluoroscopy for its Infinix-i systems gives clinicians a more complete picture while improving safety during interventional procedures. Enabling quicker diagnoses and lower dose, clinicians can observe a target region of anatomy using Spot Fluoro’s live fluoroscopy while viewing the last image hold (LIH) surrounding area.

Spot Fluoroscopy is like having an adjustable spot light over the reference LIH image, helping to reduce dose exposure and allowing the clinician to view the critical region of interest and the surrounding area at the same time. This  type of unconventional collimation streamlines interventional procedures and reduces radiation exposure to both clinicians and patients, making exams safer for everyone involved.

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