Triple-Lumen Reduces Catheters Needed for CT Imaging


May 19, 2010

Three distinct lumens in a new line of peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) increases flexibility to administer medications simultaneously. It also allows contrast power injections for computed tomography (CT) imaging using a single PICC line.

The Morpheus Smart Triple Lumen CT PICC features a tapered catheter that quickly narrows from a 7 French diameter to 6 French. This improves blood flow and reduces the risk of thrombosis. The PICC’s catheter shaft technology couples the pushability needed for PICC placement with pliability that minimizes the risk of vessel trauma and phlebitis.

This is the first of several new catheters planned for the new Morpheus Smart PICC line.

The device was introduced in May 2010.

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