Two Cardiac Stress Systems Offer Greater User Flexibility


July 27, 2010

Two new cardiac stress test systems optimize space to allow testing in a greater variety of settings, offer wireless data acquisition and better electronic medical record (EMR) connectivity.

Hospitals and physician clinics are challenged by a lack of space for diagnostic equipment, so Cardiac Science designed the Quinton 9500 Series with a compact footprint and wireless capabilities.

Features of the Quinton 9500 Series cardiac stress systems:
• The design optimizes space and allow stress testing in a greater variety of settings. Both the Quinton 9500 (a wall-mounted cabinet) and the Quinton 9550 (a mobile cart with storage space) feature small footprints and fully integrated components.

• Wireless data acquisition delivers safety, comfort, and confidence to patients and staff.

• A modern user interface facilitates fast and efficient workflow and reduces training needs. The one-button navigation and optional touch screen make the Quinton 9500 Series intuitive to learn and use.

• Advanced connectivity assures easy and convenient management of patient records. Physicians can read, analyze, and confirm patient tests from anywhere with a secure Internet connection. While no EMR is required to view data with CareCenter MD, records can be easily transferred to an EMR if desired.

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