UltraSPECT Offers SPECT/CT Attenuation Correction/Scatter Correction


June 3, 2009

The UltraSPECT Attenuation Correction/Scatter Correction (ACSC) software package to its nuclear medicine image reconstruction products is a field upgrade option for WBR cardiac image reconstruction products used in conjunction with gamma camera systems with access to CT-generated attenuation maps.

WBR products enhanced from the ACSC upgrade option are UltraSPECT’s Xpress.Cardiac and Xpress3.Cardiac, which enable half-time and quarter-time acquisitions, respectively.

The ACSC package was developed for WBR image reconstruction using either the Xpress.Cardiac or the Xpress3.Cardiac product. The company said the benefits include higher diagnostic accuracy and increased interpretive certainty.

For more information: www.cardinalhealth.com, www.ultraspect.com