Upgrades Available on Toshiba Ultrasound System


November 1, 2010

Several upgrades are now available on Toshiba’s Viamo ultrasound system, including ApliPure Plus, Tissue Pure Imaging, a new high-frequency, tightly curved transducer and a DICOM structured reporting.

Viamo combines the portability of a laptop system with advanced radiology features. The new upgrades enable clinicians to perform advanced exams with greater image definition and clinical accuracy without compromising on patient access.

Its unique hinged display allows it to be configured in either a tablet presentation for ease of use or in a laptop mode for in-depth exams. The system also has the ability to interchange Toshiba transducers from other ultrasound, thus improving productivity and flexibility while saving healthcare costs. Additionally, a new 40-centimeter depth setting allows imaging of even the toughest of patients.

The company will also showcase 4-D imaging and workflow enhancements to its ultrasound product line. The workflow enhancements include easy setup of preset imaging parameters that streamline the imaging process for many routine exams. These presets can be separated by transducers and anatomy so clinicians can easily and quickly have the proper protocols for a particular exam.

The 4-D imaging quality is also improved across Toshiba’s ultrasound line, enabling clinicians to see all dimensions of the anatomy more clearly and accurately. This is particularly important when performing fetal exams, when diagnostic confidence is paramount, and in 4-D ultrasound biopsies, where efficiency and accuracy are absolutely critical.

For more information: www.medical.toshiba.com