Vascular Solutions Launches ThrombiDisc Topical Hemostat


February 7, 2014
Vascular Solutions ThrombiDisc Topical Hemostat Introducer Sheaths Cath Lab

Vascular Solutions Inc.'s ThrombiDisc topical hemostat is designed for use around indwelling lines up to 12 F. ThrombiDisc contains thrombin to facilitate hemostasis and the antimicrobial properties of silver.  The ThrombiDisc topical hemostat is a sterile pad, 1 in diameter, containing lyophilized bovine thrombin, a protein substance that gives the bandage its bleeding control properties. ThrombiDisc is an adjunct to manual compression and assists in the control of surface bleeding with thrombin. ThrombiDisc contains silver chloride to prevent microorganisms commonly encountered in the clinical setting from colonizing on the pad. ThrombiDisc topical hemostat became available in the United States in February 2014. For more information: