Web-Based PACS Gives Cardiologists Single Point of Entry


June 30, 2006

The PicomEnterprise is a Web-based PACS that gives cardiologists a single point of entry to assess their patients' conditions. It has built-in visualization tools, document management and a complete ECG management solution.

Workflow can be enhanced by integrating PicomEnterprise with an existing clinical information management system. Visualization tools for cardiac cath imaging, echocardiography and IVUS include Quad View for review of stress echo and built-in digital subtraction angiography. Integrated quantitative coronary analysis for advanced visualization of coronary arteries is also available. Multiview capability provides simultaneous review of cath, echo, ECG and hemodynamic reporting on a single workstation using single or multiple monitors.

Reporting tools for dictation, voice capture and voice recognition are built-in components of the viewing program for single point-of-entry use. Measurement capture for auto population of echo reports and document capture for hemodynamic, stress and holter reporting solutions are also available using the document management and reporting integration tools.