Web-Based Solution Views, Stores ECGs


February 7, 2008

The PicomECG is a reportedly flexible and robust Web-based ECG management and distribution system.

As a module of ScImage’s Enterprise Imaging Solution, PicomEnterprise, PicomECG can be used to simultaneously view and manage waveforms along with images and information generated by other modalities. It is also offered as a stand-alone solution. In either configuration PicomECG offers site- or department-based record isolation to provide marketing opportunities for reading ECGs for affiliate physicians and outpatient centers. The product works with proprietary waveform formats, as well as standards-based formats like Open ECG, SCP, XML and DICOM. PicomECG is designed for capturing, reviewing and storing ECG waveforms and interpretive statements from major vendors’ electrocardiograph equipment using either as an onsite solution or ScImage’s offsite disaster recovery, business continuity and telemedicine solution, PicomOnline.