Welch Allyn Releases Single-Patient-Use Blood Pressure Cuff

Cuff addresses concerns about infection control


May 24, 2013

Welch Allyn's FlexiPort EcoCuff blood pressure cuff and EarlySense Vitals surveillance system both enable improvements in patient safety and clinical decision-making to help reduce risk for facilities.

EcoCuff is a single-patient-use blood pressure cuff that helps hospitals fight cross-contamination and rising costs while also having less environmental impact than other disposable blood pressure cuffs. EcoCuff is designed to remain with one patient for the duration of the hospital stay and then be disposed of upon release. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend the use of such patient-dedicated products to help reduce cross-contamination. As part of the FlexiPort line of disposable blood pressure cuffs, EcoCuff utilizes the FlexiPort single-point connection standardization system, making the EcoCuff compatible with virtually every device throughout the hospital. The EarlySense Vitals surveillance system is designed to help clinicians identify patient deterioration to help achieve better outcomes and fewer adverse events. Without ever physically touching the patient, the noninvasive blood pressure system measures heart rate, respiration rate, patient movement while in bed, and patient bed entries and exits, using a sensor that is placed under the mattress of a bed. In the event of a change in a patient’s status, the system provides alerts to the clinical staff via the bedside monitor, a central nursing station, hallway displays and directly to their pagers or by text messages to the nurse's phone.

The cuff was released in May 2013. 

For more information: www.welchallyn.com