Wireless RFID Asset Manager Aims for Accuracy


February 21, 2008

Skytron�s new patented wireless RFID Asset Tracking Manager, powered by Awarepoint, is specifically designed for hospital facilities to deliver instant return on investment (ROI) within a fully managed service. The system delivers 1-3 meter real-time location accuracy via patented "plug and track" sensors that permit simple installation in a few days.

Once installed, the wireless system reportedly establishes a secure, independent and self-calibrating wireless mesh network that offers self-healing, low maintenance, real-time asset monitoring, active alerting, reporting and analysis.
Skytron Asset Manager permits third-party integration to existing hospital networks, including reporting and analysis tools that significantly enhance equipment utilization while providing real-time reporting of actionable information to effectively improve business practices that impact patient care and operational efficiency.

February 2008