Wisconsin Heart Hospital First to Use Leonardo 3-D Vision System For Da Vinci Robot


February 24, 2012

3-D Surgical Solutions LLC and Wheaton Franciscan-The Wisconsin Heart Hospital Campus announced that the first case ever using the Leonardo 3-D vision system was successfully conducted in a surgical robotic procedure. This revolutionary system provides stereoscopic 3-D visualization to personnel at the bedside – as well as the entire surgical robotic team -- during the surgery. The Leonardo 3-D vision system was used in conjunction with the Da Vinci surgical system from Intuitive Surgical Inc.

"Today's case demonstrates a culmination of years of research and development that bring a new level of 3-D visualization to the operating room," said Husam Balkhy, M.D., chairman of cardiothoracic surgery and director, Center for Robotic and Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery at The Wisconsin Heart Hospital.

Balkhy and his medical team utilized the Leonardo 3-D vision system while performing a beating heart totally endoscopic coronary artery bypass (TECAB). This event marks a major milestone in the expansion of stereoscopic 3-D visualization within the robotic and video-assisted surgical fields and is a breakthrough in the availability of high-quality surgical imaging. This technology can be used with other cases using the Da Vinci Surgical System, including urology and gynecology procedures.

"For me, having such wonderfully crisp 3-D images to work with is exciting and extremely helpful," added Dorothy Krienbring, Balkhy's first assistant. "It allows me to introduce instruments and supplies into the chest with safety and with much more accuracy. Using this system allows all of us to see the anatomy in spectacular detail. The Leonardo system is a major step forward in the field of endoscopic surgery."

In addition, the Atlanticus 3-D recorder (a component of the vision system) was used during the case to digitally record stereoscopic 3-D/HD video for presentation at symposia, other clinically-oriented events, and teaching purposes.

"The versatility of this system is impressive, and the opportunity for optimized teaching that it represents is sure to provide enhanced safety as well as substantial cost and time savings to the operative and surgical training arena," Balkhy said.

For more information: www.mywheaton.org/hearthospital