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ACC 2019 Late-breaking Presentations Announced

The opening late-breaking trial at ACC 2019 is the Apple Heart Study, a large-scale, app-based study to identify atrial fibrillation using a smartwatch. Earlier, smaller trials showed this approach might be used in a population health application to proactively identify AFib patients earlier.

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) released a list of the latest practice-changing presentations at the ACC.19 annual meeting March 16-18, 2019, in New Orleans. This includes five late-breaking clinical trial (LBCT) sessions and three featured clinical research sessions. There also are two LBCT deep-dive sessions where the experts will break down the hottest trials and attendees can find out what the impact might be on the practice of cardiology and patients.

ACC also announced the new ACC/AHA 2019 Guideline on the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease will be released at ACC.19. This guideline will focus on primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in adults and present recommendations to prevent CVD related to lifestyle factors as well as other factors affecting cardiovascular risk.

For more information on the ACC.19 annual meeting, visit https://accscientificsession.acc.org.


Saturday, March 16
Joint ACC and Journal of the ACC Late-Breaking Clinical Trials I
9-10 a.m., ACC.19 Main Tent, Great Hall

The Apple Heart Study: Results Of A Large-scale, App-based Study To Identify Atrial Fibrillation Using A Smartwatch


Saturday, March 16
Featured Clinical Research I
12:15-1:45 p.m., Room La Nouvelle C

PANACHE: Safety and Efficacy of Neladenoson Bialanate, a Partial Adenosine A1 Receptor Agonist, in Patients with Heart Failure and Preserved Ejection Fraction. Results from the PANACHE Randomized Controlled Trial

PIONEER-HF: Initiation of Angiotensin-Neprilysin Inhibition After Acute Decompensated Heart Failure. Results of the Open-Label Extension of the PIONEER-HF Trial
Hopeful Heart Trial: Blended Collaborative Care for Treating Heart Failure and Comorbid Depression. 12-Month Primary Outcomes from the Hopeful Heart Trial

CODIACS-QoL: Randomized Trial of Depression Screening After Acute Coronary Syndromes: Results from Comparison of Depression Identification After Acute Coronary Syndromes-Quality of Life and Cost Effectiveness

The HoT-PE Study: Home Treatment of Patients with Low-Risk Pulmonary Embolism with the Oral Factor Xa Inhibitor Rivaroxaban


Sunday, March 17
Joint ACC/New England Journal of Medicine Late-Breaking Clinical Trials II
8-9:15 a.m., ACC.19 Main Tent, Great Hall

PARTNER 3 Transcatheter or Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement in Low-Risk Patients: Results of the PARTNER 3 Trial
Self-Expanding Transcatheter or Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement in Patients at Low Risk of Surgical Mortality

COAPT Echocardiographic Outcomes: Mitral Regurgitation After MitraClip Implantation in Patients with Heart Failure and Secondary Mitral Regurgitation

COAPT Quality of Life After Transcatheter Mitral-Valve Repair in Patients with Heart Failure and Secondary Mitral Regurgitation. Results from the COAPT trial

Outcomes of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement with Balloon-Expandable Sapien3 Valve in Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis. An Analysis of the STS/TVT Registry


Sunday, March 17
Joint ACC/Journal of the American Medical Association Late-Breaking Clinical Trials III
10:45 a.m. – Noon, ACC.19 Main Tent, Great Hall

AUGUSTUS Trial: An Open-label, 2 x 2 Factorial, Randomized Trial to Evaluate the Safety of Apixaban vs. Vitamin K Antagonist, and Aspirin vs. Placebo in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Acute Coronary Syndrome and/or Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Primary Results of the AUGUSTUS Trial

WRAP-IT: The World-Wide Randomized Antibiotic Envelope Infection Prevention Trial to Reduce Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device Infection

POET: Partial Oral Treatment of Left-Sided Infectious Endocarditis — The POET Trial — Long Term Follow-up

MOMENTUM 3: Multicenter Study of MagLev Technology in Patients Undergoing Mechanical Circulatory Support Therapy with HeartMate 3. Final Analysis of the 1,028 Patient Cohort Outcomes

CardioMEMS PAS: Pulmonary Artery Pressure-Guided Therapy for Ambulatory Heart Failure Patients in Clinical Practice. 1-Year Outcomes from the CardioMEMS Post-Approval Study


LBCT Deep Dive I — 12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m., Room 343


Sunday, March 17
Featured Clinical Research II: Interventional
2-3:30 p.m., Room 206

First Randomized Human Experience with a Ticagrelor Reversal Agent

The DEFINE PCI Trial: Blinded Physiologic Assessment of Residual Ischemia After Successful Angiographic Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

ADVANCE Registry: Impact of FFR-CT on 1-Year Outcomes in Patients Evaluated. Lessons from the ADVANCE Registry

MRUSMI: Sonothrombolysis in ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Treated with Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. Final Results from the First Randomized Study in Humans

GLASSY: Impact of Ticagrelor Monotherapy Beyond One Month Versus Conventional Therapy On Adjudicated Ischemic And Bleeding Endpoints Following Drug Eluting Stent Implantation. Primary Results of the GLOBAL LEADERS Adjudication Sub-study

Monday, March 18
Late-Breaking Clinical Trials IV
8 – 9:15 a.m., ACC.19 Main Tent, Great Hall

The CLEAR Wisdom Trial: Efficacy and Safety of Bempedoic Acid Added to Maximally Tolerated Statins in Patients with Hypercholesterolemia and High Cardiovascular Risk

CREOLE Study: Comparison of Three Combination Therapies in Lowering Blood Pressure in Black Africans

INFINITY: Primary Results of the Intensive versus Standard Ambulatory Blood Pressure Lowering to Lessen Functional Decline in the Elderly Trial

DECLARE: Effect of Dapagliflozin on Heart Failure and Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Based on Ejection Fraction

REDUCE-IT: Reduction in Total Ischemic Events with Icosapent Ethyl in REDUCE-IT


Monday, March 18
Late-Breaking Clinical Trials V
10:45 a.m. – Noon, ACC.19 Main Tent, Great Hall

The Safety and Efficacy of Femoral Access versus Radial Access for Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI)

COACT Trial: Coronary Angiography after Cardiac Arrest

TREAT Trial: Efficacy of Ticagrelor vs. Clopidogrel After Fibrinolytic Therapy in Patients With ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI)

STOPDAPT-2 Trial: One-Month Dual Antiplatelet Therapy Followed by Clopidogrel Monotherapy vs. Standard 12-Month Dual Antiplatelet Therapy with Clopidogrel After Drug-Eluting Stent Implantation

SMART-CHOICE: P2Y12 Inhibitor Monotherapy vs. Dual Antiplatelet Therapy in Patients Undergoing Implantation of Coronary Drug-eluting Stents


LBCT Deep Dive II — 12:30 p.m. – 1:45 p.m., Room La Nouvelle C


Monday, March 18
Featured Clinical Research III
2 -3:30 p.m., Room La Nouvelle C

Alcohol AF: Impact of Alcohol Abstinence in Moderate Drinkers with Atrial Fibrillation: Results from the Alcohol-AF Randomized Controlled Trial

REVEAL: Impact of ADCY9 on Response to Anacetrapib Among 20,000 Participants in the HPS3/TIMI55-REVEAL Trial

ODYSSEY OUTCOMES: Lipoprotein(a) Lowering by Alirocumab Contributes to Total Events Reduction Independent of Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol in the ODYSSEY OUTCOMES Trial

DECLARE - TIMI 58: Dapagliflozin and Outcomes in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease: Insights from DECLARE - TIMI 58

IRAD - Acute Aortic Dissection: Lessons Learned from 9,000 Patients


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