Ablation Systems

This channel provides technology news on new ablation system advances in cardiac electrophysiology (EP) used to treat dysfunctional heart tissue that cause arrhythmias. Each cell in the myocardium generates its own electrical impulses to cause the heart to beat, but if some cells generate signals that are not in synch with other parts of the heart, it causes an arrhythmia, an abnormal heart beat. Ablation systems use heat (usually generated  by radio frequency, RF, energy or a laser) or extreme cold to cause small burns. These lesions create scar tissue that block electrical signals causing the arrhythmia. These procedures are guided by EP electro mapping systems

Acqmap, Acutus, dipole density mapping

The Acutus AcqMap mapping catheters uses 48 ultrasound elements to measure cardiac voltage. It uses an inverse dipole density (DD) algorithm to display electrical activation as DD maps on an ultrasound constructed 3-D anatomy in real time.

Feature | May 21, 2015
May 21, 2015 – A preliminary study of a new electrophysiology (EP) dipole density mapping system using a specialized...
Medtronic, Arctic Front, Advance Cryoablation Catheter, FDA, CE Mark
Technology | May 18, 2015
May 18, 2015 — Medtronic plc announced the Arctic Front Advance ST Cryoablation Catheter has received U.S. Food and...
Abbott, GE, CardioLab, RhythmView, atrial fibrillation, source

GE's CardioLab is one half of the integrated system with Abbott that will provide patient-specific data on the heart's electrical activity in real time.

Technology | May 13, 2015
May 13, 2015 — Abbott and GE Healthcare announced an agreement that will bring real-time, patient-specific data about...
News | May 11, 2015
May 11, 2015 — The Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) has released the list of its 12 late-breaking electrophysiology (EP)...
Medtronic, SYMPLICITY AF, PVI, renal denervation, Arctic Front, Spyral, G3
Feature | May 05, 2015
May 5, 2015 — Medtronic plc announced the start of a clinical study to determine whether paroxysmal and persistent...
Medtronic, GOLD AF Registry, PVAC GOLD, atrial fibrillation, ablation catheter
News | April 09, 2015
April 9, 2015 — Medtronic plc announced the first patient enrollment in the GOLD AF Registry, a prospective,...
catheter ablation, Afib, Amiodarone, Luigi Di Biase, ACC, heart failure
Feature | March 27, 2015
March 27, 2015 — Patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation were less likely to experience death,...
Videos | EP Lab | March 25, 2015
Learn about the trends and new technology in electrophysiology in an interview with David Wilber, M.D., editor of JACC'...
Feature | March 24, 2015
March 24, 2015 — Patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) who received ablation while they were already undergoing...
CTSN, atrial fibrillation, surgical ablation, mitral valve surgery
News | March 18, 2015
March 18, 2015 — New study results from The Cardiothoracic Surgical Trials Network (CTSN) show the addition of surgical...
Ablation system, atrial fibrillation, Medtronic Arctic Front Advance Cryoballoon

Image courtesy of Medtronic

News | February 10, 2015
February 10, 2015 — Medtronic announced the initiation of the Cryo4 Persistent AF (Cryoballoon Ablation for Early...
Ablation Catheters, Atrial Fibrillation, EP Lab, FlexAbility Ablation Catheter

Image courtesy of St. Jude Medical

Technology | January 29, 2015
January 29, 2015 — St. Jude Medical Inc. announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of the FlexAbility...
St. Jude, STAR-VT, ventricular tachycardia, ablation catheter, FlexAbility

Image courtesy of St. Jude Medical.

News | January 22, 2015
January 22, 2015 — St. Jude Medical Inc. announced the first patient enrollment in the STAR-VT (Substrate Targeted ...
CardioFocus, HeartLight Endoscopic Ablation System, Japan Lifeline, distribution

Image courtesy of CardioFocus Inc.

News | January 12, 2015
January 12, 2015 — CardioFocus Inc., developer of the HeartLight Endoscopic Ablation System for the treatment of atrial...
Ablation Systems, Atrial Fibrillation, EP Lab, Clinical Trial/Study

Image courtesy of Medtronic

News | January 12, 2015
January 12, 2015 — Medtronic Inc. announced the initiation of a randomized clinical trial in Europe to assess the...