News | March 31, 2014

eCardio to Highlight EMR Integration Expertise for Remote Monitoring Customers at Upcoming Conferences

March 31, 2014 — eCardio Diagnostics will highlight its expertise for integrating its services with customers' existing electronic medical records (EMR) systems at upcoming conferences.

For the past four years, eCardio has partnered with hospitals and practices across the nation to integrate the processes and reports associated with remote cardiac monitoring into their established systems in an effort to minimize redundancies and improve speed to diagnosis. Successful integrations have been completed with many of the leading EMR/EHR system providers.

The solutions offered by eCardio are more than just dragging and dropping files from desktops into EMR folders, they provide opportunities for integration at the point of patient enrollment and continue through the final study report, tailored to the customer's need for data. Services include encrypted transmissions and bi-directional or uni-directional data integration. By giving practices several different options, eCardio satisfies the unique requirements of each practice.

eCardio's EMR integrations deliver countless benefits to physicians and their staff. Patients are enrolled quicker because demographic data does not have to be entered multiple times. Clinical reports are accurately placed in patient records eliminating the need for inefficient manual processes and allowing physicians to view the full scope of patient information from a single system.

"We built our reporting portals with a flexible architecture so that we could quickly adapt to the changing needs of our customers. As the requirements for practices to transition into a paperless environment evolve over the next few years, we will be there to meet them," said eCardio's president and chief operating officer, John Untereker.

For more information about eCardio's EMR integration capabilities and the revolutionary eCardio Verite monitor, attendees can visit booth #2825 at ACC.14, the American College of Cardiology's Annual Scientific Session & Expo. eCardio will also participate as an exhibitor at Heart Rhythm 2014 in May.

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