News | December 16, 2008

GE’s Monitoring, Diagnostic Cardiology Services Maintain High Marks

December 17, 2008 – In the latest MD Buyline survey, GE Healthcare Monitoring Solutions and Diagnostic Cardiology Services, which includes service for patient, telemetry and Holter monitors as well as cardiac stress, cardiology management and electrocardiograph systems, achieved higher rankings nearly across the board.

The company held its No. 1 ranking in the electrocardiograph category in Q3 and gained ground in three other equipment service categories. It earned a tie for the No. 1 ranking for its cardiac stress service and improved its service rankings in cardiology management and Holter monitor.

MD Buyline surveys rank vendors based on customer satisfaction scores of seven aspects of equipment service: system performance, system reliability, installation/implementation, applications training, service response time, service repair quality and overall composite score.

In electrocardiograph service, GE Healthcare maintained its top ranking in Q3. While it duplicated its Q2 rankings in system performance, system reliability and service repair quality, it gained in installation/implementation, applications training and service response time.

Cardiac stress, Holter monitoring and ECG management all rose in rankings in Q3. The company boasts its service response time and service repair time.

In six of seven satisfaction categories, GE Healthcare Holter monitor customers gave higher scores compared to the Q2 survey. Improvements included applications training and service response time.

ECG management also gained ground in six of seven satisfaction rankings and scored even with last quarter in service repair quality. Significant improvements were made in installation/implementation and service response time, with a significant increase in the overall composite score compared to last quarter.

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