News | April 03, 2007

Immersion Medical Broadens Simulated Procedures Beyond Cath to Include Peripheral Interventions

April 4, 2007 — Immersion Medical has updated its endovascular platform with features that allow it to simulate a wider range of procedures. The new platform, now called the CathLabVR system, allows surgical simulation with as many as four devices or tools and for procedures involving more regions of the body.

In addition to coronary treatments, physicians use endovascular procedures to treat several other diseases, including peripheral arterial disease.

A longer carriage length of the CathLabVR system increases training capabilities by supporting additional surgical simulations, for example, deployment of carotid interventions.

Immersion Medical's physics-based medical simulation software, haptic (force feedback) technology, and medical graphics expertise allow the company to produce specialized surgical simulations to meet a wide range of medical virtual reality training needs for device manufacturers and teaching institutions.

"These really are pioneering times," says Michael Freiborg, product development manager, Medtronic Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management. "Medtronic is continually developing new and improved products that help enrich the lives of patients, and with new products comes new surgical procedures and skill levels for the implanting physician. It's preferable when a physician or fellow can practice on Immersion Medical's surgical simulator because it allows them to become familiar with navigating the tools within a 'virtual heart.' Practicing on the simulator helps them achieve a skill level that is needed before entering into real-life scenarios. Each case will be different, but the CathLabVR system's haptic feedback offers an actual feeling of what happens during the medical procedure."

The CathLabVR virtual reality education system also includes a new feature called SmartCapture tool recognition that automatically identifies the tools in use and functions more like the real catheterization lab environment.

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