News | October 09, 2008

TeraRecon’s iNtuition 3D Delivers Comprehensive Cardiovascular, EVAR Image Management

October 10, 2008 - TeraRecon Inc. this weekend will release new innovations in its flagship Aquarius iNtuition platform, to be showcased Oct. 12-17 at the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

In celebrating 20 years of innovation, TCT has witnessed the evolution of the role of imaging technology in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease. For years, catheter angiography has been the “gold standard” imaging modality of choice for cardiovascular and endovascular repair planning, however today, multi-detector CT has created a paradigm shift, creating an alternative, less-invasive imaging pathway. Multidetector CT generates a large number of slice images, and TeraRecon's Aquarius iNtuition seamlessly transforms these slices into interactive 3D visualization of anatomy and morphology, supported by best-in-class measurement and interpretation tools, the company said. Automated software identifies coronary vasculature, quantifies stenotic disease, calculates coronary calcium burden, determines ventricular function and supports left atrium analysis. TeraRecon said all this information is delivered in a fast, simple and integrated package accessible anywhere throughout an enterprise via the company's client-server technology. Streamlined, customer-tailored workflow templates speed the process of navigation through the dataset so the physician can apply their time and concentration to the clinical interpretation of the studies.

Aquarius iNtuition also offers best-in-class interventional planning tools. The company said iNtuition's endovascular tools provide an enhanced picture of the sometimes complex pathology. Its endograft planning tools provide automated centerlines with anatomy ID labeling, easily-determined fixation points and appropriate measurements, which are reported in the embedded thoracic and abdominal endograft templates for grafts from Cook, Medtronic, Gore, Bolton and Endologix. Post-operative evaluation can easily be achieved with customized 3D templates that can help identify endoleaks, aneurysm growth and the integrity of implanted devices.

The AquariusWEB, a browser-based viewer delivers live, interactive, 3D reports to the interventionalists and surgeons who are the ultimate end-users of the imaging data. AquariusWEB gives the possibility to the physicians to simply open a URL link sent via an e-mail or embedded in the patient record and have instant access to review and interact with the volumetric dataset. No plug-in or installation is required. AquariusWEB works on a standard Web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome, as well as Mac and Unix-based browsers. AquariusWEB also features a mobile edition compatible with the iPhone.

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