Webinar | November 07, 2014

Webinar: State of the Art in MRI Pediatric Brain Perfusion Imaging

Imaging Technology News Webinar Series – Supported by an educational grant from Philips Healthcare

Jeffrey Miller, M.D.

The webinar "State of the Art in MRI Pediatric Brain Perfusion Imaging" educates participants about the state of the art clinical and emerging translational perfusion RM methods with utilization in pediatric neuroimaging. It is part of the Imaging Technology News Webinar Series and is supported by an educational grant from Philips Healthcare.  

The webinar took place Dec. 9, 2014. Register to access the archive version of the webinar. Therev is no CME credit available for thje archive version.

Statement of Purpose/Need:
To educate participants in the state of the art clinical and emerging translational perfusion RM methods with utilization in pediatric neuroimaging.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:

• Identify the current perfusion neuroimaging techniques utilized in pediatrics

• Describe the benefits, strengths and challenges of the various perfusion techniques

• Acquire the practical technical knowledge to translate the described techniques into their clinical practices

• Discuss the emerging perfusion techniques with high potential for early translation to clinical practice

• Define the adjustable patient and imaging specific parameters to successfully perform optimal perfusion imaging studies


Intended Audience:
This activity intended for radiologists and MRI technologists.


Jeffrey Miller, M.D.

Miller is an attending neuroradiologist at Phoenix Children's Hospital, Phoenix, Ariz., where he is the Director of MRI in the Department of Radiology. He also is an assistant professor of radiology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix.

Disclosure Information:
Current guidelines require that participants in CME/CE activities be made aware of all affiliations or financial interests that may be perceived as affecting the presentation of the faculty member. All conflicts of interest will be resolved prior to the start of the educational activity. 

Jeffrey Miller, M.D.
Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Department of Radiology
1919 E. Thomas Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85016 

Financial relationships: None

Discussion of off-label, investigational or experimental drug use: 3D Spiral MRI, TRUST MRI (Both for Brain Perfusion) 


Register to access the archive version of the webinar

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