Technology | June 09, 2009

Capintec Launches CapIMAGE’s Diverging Collimator

June 9, 2009 – Capintec’s new CapImage is a small field of view (FOV) gamma camera system designed for static, dynamic and gated imaging of small organs and body parts including thyroid, parathyroid, bone, selected lymphoscintigraphy and gated cardiac studies.

The company said its small gantry makes CapImage an excellent camera for pediatric imaging. The diverging collimator enhances the versatility of CapImage by expanding the FOV to accommodate imaging procedures such as gallbladder and gastric imaging studies.

CapImage reportedly optimizes patient flow and staff utilization by providing an alternative for imaging small organs and time demanding studies. The company said this can free up the large field of view gamma cameras for the more complex procedures such as whole body imaging, SPECT, and SPECT/CT.

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