Technology | March 27, 2009

Honeywell HomMed’s Genesis DM Monitors Congestive Heart Failure

Patients with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure use Honeywell HomMed’s Genesis DM telehealth monitor from the comfort of their own homes to daily measure vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and weight. Heath information is immediately and securely transmitted to a healthcare provider, who can monitor data and trends and quickly react to any changes in a patient’s health. The Web-based Genesis DM provides customizable subjective disease-related queries for a more complete picture of an individuals’ health. Automated set up and automatic patient engagement with a friendly voice and easy-to-use interface guide the patient at every step of the monitoring process. The Genesis DM is seamlessly integrated into the Honeywell LifeStream telehealth platform, providing Web-enabled, on-demand access to disease-specific symptom management (DSSM), customizable by diagnosis and symptoms. The LifeStream platform offers healthcare providers anytime, anywhere secured access to patients’ personal health data in ways that enable smart patient care and improve patient outcomes.

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