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Balloon catheter, interventional radiology, FDA clearance, kidney disease

Image courtesy of Covidien

Technology | December 04, 2014

Covidien announced that it received U.S. Food and Drug Administration 510(k) clearance for its...

flat panel display, MultiSync MD212G3 LCD

MultiSync MD212G3 LCD

Technology | December 03, 2014

NEC Display Solutions of America has announced the launch of the MultiSync MD212G3 LCD, a...

3-d imaging, rsna 2014, angiography systems, radiographic

Image courtesy of Biodex

Technology | December 01, 2014

Biodex showcased its latest line of medical imaging tables and Clear-Lead Shielding at RSNA 2014...

Ziehm Imaging, Vision RFD 3-D, Solo Portable, mobile C-arm

Photo courtesy of Ziehm Imaging

Technology | November 30, 2014

At this year’s RSNA annual meeting, Ziehm Imaging will highlight Ziehm Vision RFD 3-D, a 3-D C-...

Technology | November 26, 2014

CompView Medical (CVM) debuts the M2u and M4u, its latest design of NuBOOM, an all-in-one...

Heartflow's FFR-CT showing coronary blood flow being impacted by a blockage. The system offers a virtual FFR number that has good correlation with invasive, catheter-based FFR.

Technology | November 26, 2014
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) today...
Spectral imaging of arteries

IQon spectral CT of arterial plaque showing a comparison of the original contrast enhanced vessel on the left where it is not possible to differentiate calcium and iodine in a vessel. The right image shows a spectral color overlay identifying calcium in the artery and the blood pool based on the iodine contrast.

Technology | November 26, 2014
Philips Healthcare has received U.S. Food and Drug...
Phoenix, Volume Registration Viewer, FDA, RSNA 2014, Advanced Visualization

Image courtesy of AZE, Ltd.

Technology | November 26, 2014

AZE Technology announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of Phoenix (Volume...

Photo courtesy of AZE Technology

Technology | November 25, 2014

AZE Technology announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of Phoenix (Volume...

Photo courtesy of Samsung

Technology | November 25, 2014

Samsung Electronics America Inc. announced availability in the United States of the Samsung...

Grayhill, Instinct, touch panel, optically bonded, RSNA 2014

Photo courtesy of Grayhill Inc.

Technology | November 24, 2014

Grayhill will display its new optically bonded Instinct touch panel, capable of recognizing up...

Technology | November 24, 2014

Bracco Diagnostics Inc. announced the availability of its Isovue (iopamidol injection) Imaging...

Image courtesy of Calgary Scientific

Technology | November 20, 2014

The new ResolutionMD functionality, which will be showcased at the 2014 RSNA conference by...

Carestream, Touch, ultrasound system

Photo courtesy of Carestream Health

Technology | November 19, 2014

Carestream will debut its Carestream Touch Ultrasound System that offers a combination of...

Technology | November 18, 2014

Vital Images Inc. announced enhancements in image management to its VitreaView enterprise viewer...

The Nugget

Images Courtesy of Radcal

Technology | November 18, 2014

Radcal Corporation announced the release of its first WiFi device, the Nugget, which will be...

Image courtesy of Siemens Healthcare

Technology | November 17, 2014

Siemens Healthcare has introduced the Symbia Evo Excel SPECT (single-photon emission computed...

Technology | November 14, 2014

The American College of Cardiology (ACC), which has been developing clinical practice guidelines...

Philip's C-arm, Philips Healthcare, angiography systems
Technology | November 14, 2014

Philips Healthcare is introducing its latest ...

Technology | November 10, 2014

Siemens announces the availability of its integrated mobile viewing application syngo....

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