Stethoscope Unveiled at ACC Integrates Six-Lead ECG


April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011 – A new type of stethoscope shown at ACC 2011 in New Orleans offers an easy-to-use six-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) system. The Ekoscope also features electronic audio enhancement and a built-in light.

“It’s a revolutionary stethoscope, unlike any other,” said D. Wallerson, M.D., FACC.

The device combines the benefits of an electronic stethoscope, including USB-enabled data sync capability to a PC, the Internet and heart sound amplification, with the dual capacity to also record six lead EKG’s using three different modes. Additionally, it houses a pen light with converging twin beams of adjustable brightness LED light.

Powered by a concealed USB and Lithium ion rechargeable battery, it offers 2 gigabyte SD storage for heart sounds, EKG recordings and playback. Its vivid LCD color screen displays static and video EKG tracings utilizing intuitive touch key interface. These features will be of tremendous value to physicians by enhancing efficiency, speed and quality of patient care.

Equipped with an array of functions for thorough physical examination, the device maintains practical and comfortable sizing with an affordable price to match. It is the same width as an iPhone 3Gs and thinner than a traditional stethoscope.

Its Acoustix-engineered headset is ergonomically designed with corrugation to offer a greater custom fit over the ear canal while preserving acoustic quality. The earpiece is also designed with a built-in, detachable and interchangeable stereo speaker for private or teaching mode.

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